Thomas Scurto-Davis

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I am a nonprofit financial consultant and LaSalle University Adjunct Professor. I was formerly a baker, a house and commercial painter, a bartender, and Executive Director of a visual arts organization and an opera singer to name a few. I've been turning since 2016 casually and more seriously in the last 2 years.  My father was a very talented wood carver and taught me my love of wood and the woods. I am president of Keystone Woodturners in Phoenixville PA. I do many different kinds of turning but rather fancy ornament making, especially delicate little finials.  I DON'T MIND SANDING.  I enjoy a glass of scotch from time to time (nothing too peety) and a good story about any of the old-timers.  I'm thrilled by meeting new folks and seeing what they are making, sharing an honest and well-intentioned critique (both receiving and giving) and by the welcoming an inclusive nature of all of the woodturners I've met and interacted with.